About Us

We reduce the debt burden for people who find it hard to pay off their credit card, personal loan, and mortgage debts.

We offer a fresh start

amalan is a social enterprise that helps Indonesian borrowers who find it difficult to make their monthly loan payments.

There are many reasons why paying back loans can become very difficult and it can happen to anyone. In fact, it happens to an estimated 3 million families across Southeast Asia. Unforeseen circumstances such as job loss, sickness, and accidents can lead to loss of income.

amalan works FOR the borrowers and WITH their lenders to find a solution that is beneficial to all parties. By analyzing ALL loans, ALL income, and ALL assets, we develop a personalized plan to pay off all debt with affordable installments.

Our goal is to offer our customers and their families a fresh start and to be back in control of their finances.


Be the leading trusted and professional provider of debt management programs to reintegrate borrowers into the financial system.


Empower borrowers to regain control of their finances.

Our values

Trust & Integrity

We do what we say and deliver on our promises be it to customers or banks.

Service excellence

We work hard every day to offer the best possible service to you so that you find us and our processes easy to deal with.


We care about you and want to solve your debt problems in order to offer you the fresh start you deserve.


We are an entrepreneurial organization which empowers every member of our team in assisting our customers in regaining control of their finances.

Our Team

Arne Hartmann


Yodhi Kharismanto


Mitchell Budiono


M. Genta Mahardhika

Head of Quality and Training

Novita Sasongko

Head of Human Resources

Desynthia Rachel

Team Leader Consultant