No More Distressing Debt Collectors

With amalanPROTECT, you can easily resolve distressing behavior from debt collectors that don’t comply with the applicable rules by reporting them correctly.


Inform the dos and don'ts in debt collection

Educate the right way to deal with debt collectors

Help you prep the right report in the event of an offense

Report the offense to the right party

Follow up the report if the offense continues

Rules Concerning Debt Collection in Indonesia

As the party providing the loan, Banks have the right to appoint a debt collector to contact you regarding the status of your loan payments. This can be done via telephone or direct visit.

In Indonesia, debt collection is officially regulated by the OJK (Financial Services Authority) based on Bank Indonesia Circular Letter Number 14/17/DASP concerning Amendments to Bank Indonesia Circular Letter Number 11/10/DASP regarding the Implementation of Card-Based Payment Instrument Activities.

  1. Must not use threats, violence or embarrassment
  2. Must not use verbal or physical violence
  3. Debt collection can only be done to the debtor
  4. Must not be done continuously as it may disturb the debtor
  5. Debt collection can only be done at the billing address
  6. Only allowed at 08.00-20.00 according to the time zone of the debtor's billing address
  7. Debt collection that is done anywhere other than the billing address can be done only with the approval of the debtor