Frequently asked questions

If you are interested in using our services, please fill in the required information through this link and our consultation team will contact you to provide a free consultation in pertaining to your to credit card loans, KTA (unsecured loans), KMG (multipurpose loans), or mortgage.

Customers who can be assisted by the practice team are customers who:

  1. Own a credit card credit card, KTA (unsecured credit), KMG (multipurpose credit), or KPR (mortgage) with a minimum balance of Rp10 million in banks.
  2. Customer who are willing to pay off at least a portion (10%) of the loans borne by the bank.

Possess loans that have been running for at least 12 months. This is as such because, in general, banks only allow loans that have been running for a minimum amount of time to be restructured.

We provide several alternative solutions for credit card loans or unsecured loans (KTA) and multipurpose credit (KMG). We will also attempt to help with loans rendered by online lenders, mortgage (KPR) and vehicles, where possible.

You can simply prepare the following:

  1. An advance for loan repayment.
  2. A deposit fee of Rp250,000. This deposit will reduce the service fee (Success Fee) in the future.
  3. The service fee (Success Fee) is an estimated 25% - 30% of the difference between the newly successfully negotiated repayment amount and the number of loan deductions you are eligible for (minus the quarter deposit that has been paid). If we fail in negotiating the relief program, we will not charge a service fee (Success Fee). However, if we succeed, we only ask for a 25% - 30% fee, essentially saving you 70% - 75% of the loan amount.

If you choose a settlement with the discount program, the savings you make will be obtained from a number of discounts offered by the bank. Hence, the savings are the difference between the amount that was originally charged and the amount charged after the discounts.

If you choose a fixed installment program, savings will come from your monthly installment difference from before and after entering the regular installment program.

Service fees (Success Fees) will only be paid AFTER you agree with the results that have been practiced. The exact calculation will be slightly different for the completion of the discount program and the fixed installment program. But in general, we will only charge service fees if we succeed in reducing the amount of loans that must be paid to the bank.

The advantage of service fees (Success Fees) is that you will feel confident that we will try our best to produce the best value that you can save. The more cost you can save, the lighter the cost you can get to complete your loan.

The service fee or Success Fee is a fee for the negotiation with the bank conducted by practice, which is an estimated 25% of the loan discount that you could get. You only need to pay a service fee (Success Fee) after you agree to the settlement offer from the bank. If we are not successful in resolving your loan problem, a service fee (Success Fee) will not be charged.

For example, if you have a credit card loan of Rp10 million and after using the practice service the bank gives a discount of Rp4 million which results in the remaining loan being Rp6 million. As such, the service fee will be 25% of Rp4 Million (the discount) which is Rp1 Million. The mentioned Rp1 million will only be paid to the practice as the service fee (Success Fee) after you agree with the results of the negotiations from the bank. Therefore, you save more than Rp3 million after the deduction of the service fee (Success Fee), preparation of documents, negotiating, and of course, payment according to time and destination account.

If you opt to participate in a fixed installment program, you will be charged a slightly different service fee (Success Fee), which is an estimated 30% of your installment difference for the first 6 months.

For example, if you have a current installment of Rp3 million per month and after negotiations with the bank your installment becomes Rp1 million per month, your service fee (Success Fee) will now be 30% of your installment difference where the difference is Rp. 2 million (difference between initial instalment of Rp3 million and post-negotiation instalment of Rp 1 million). Since the service fee is 30% of the difference (Rp2 million) it would amount to an estimated Rp600,000 for the first 6 months.

Hence, you only have to pay Rp1.6 million per month, allowing you to save Rp1.4 million per month which can then be allocated for other needs.

It is not advisable to be late in making installment payments within the first 6 months, because if you make a late return, the bank will find it difficult to give the installment program back.

* Service fee (Success Fee) will also be offset by a deposit that has been paid during the negotiation period.

The deposit fee is a fee of Rp250,000 which is paid quarterly during the negotiation process. However, you don't need to worry because this deposit will also be used to offset the service fees (Success Fee) should the negotiation process be successfully agreed upon (within a certain period).

After you are officially registered with the practice program, we will give you an estimate of the amount of funds needed for the first settlement of your loan. When you have set up funds, we will immediately negotiate with the bank.

The practice is always looks for the best deals for its customers. Our experience says that for loans under Rp10 million, it would be more profitable for you to contact the lender directly. This is due to the fact that the case will not be too complicated, so you can negotiate with the bank privately.

For the remaining loans with a nominal value that is not too large (under Rp10 million), it is in your best interests to deal with the bank itself.

However, for a minimum nominal of Rp10 million, especially with more than one loan, you will realize that working with practice is the most efficient and effective way to deal with the complexity of the negotiation process and get the best results in reducing your loan burden.

In addition to getting the best deals, you can save your time and energy to do your daily activities. Although loan negotiations can be done privately, the process that needs to be passed is not easy. Document preparation and meetings with banks can be difficult, especially when you are not familiar with the process.

Working together with practice also gives you access to refinancing opportunities with our partners in the form of bailouts to pay your current bills with interest and lighter installments. This offer will only be obtained if you use our services.

You can send email to for any maladministration or suspicious activities related to amalan.